The Best Way to Fund
Your Mobile Games

Games with high scores (700+) on their Scouting Reports
qualify for growth funding on great terms.

Why take our money? We offer significant benefits

  • Attractive Terms

    We fund user acquisition and share the profits after our initial investment is recouped. Better scoring games keep a higher share.

  • No Dilution

    Keep 100% of your company and maintain control over how you operate it.

  • Quick Decisions

    Great scores get the money they need to grow. It's that simple.

  • No IP Restrictions

    Your intellectual property and sequel rights remain yours.

Compare Game Funding Options

  • Publishers

    • Publisher takes 30-50% of revenue - in perpetuity

    • Publisher makes all "business" decisions

    • None

    • Usually marketing only. Some publishers fund game completion

    • Cost of Capital
      Lowest cost of capital to grow your game

    • Control
      Maintain complete control & run your business the way you want

    • Dilution

    • Use of funds
      User acquisition only

  • Venture Capital

    • Aiming for 40%+ IRR to investors - even higher for successful companies.

    • Board seat, protective provisions & liquidation preference

    • 20-35% dilution with each round

    • Very flexible