Our platform turns great games into hits

Join forces with other game marketers to find paying players. We use data to help games find the best offerings from over 400 publishers and ad networks.

We Need Your Brains!

Know Before you Spend

Avoid wasting money on low performing placements, middlemen that don't create value, or bots & fraud. We'll focus your acquisition budget on proven placements that have delivered high ROI in the past.

Fair and Anonymous

We make sure it's a fair trade for everyone involved. Earn credits when you add data to the system and redeem those credits as high ROI advertising opportunities.

Fund Your Mobile Game

Games with high scores (700+) on their Scouting Reports qualify for growth funding on great terms

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See How You Stack Up!

Got a great game? Our free Scouting Reports compare your metrics to top grossing games and give you targeted feedback on how to improve.

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